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                CNOOC DF1-1 gas field phase I adjusting development project control system construction services  [2014-3-13]
                Guangxi Liuzhou Veolia Water Company Limited Liu West waterworks control systems engineering  [2013-7-5]
                Fangchenggang sea grain and oil inverter systems engineering  [2013-7-5]
                Xiaoshan Power Plant gas regulator station control systems engineering  [2013-7-5]
                Wuhan Metro Line 2 intelligent low-voltage power distribution control systems engineering  [2013-7-5]
                Guangxi Pingguo aluminum mining control systems engineering  [2013-7-5]
                Hannan Changjiang Hongqi Industrial Co. 5000T / D cement clinker production line inverter control system engineering  [2013-7-5]
                Electronic Materials DuPont Dongguan factory production control system engineering  [2013-7-5]
                Shenzhen SEG Samsung Co., Ltd. air-conditioning systems control systems engineering  [2013-7-5]
                China Tobacco Guangxi Industrial Co., Ltd. Laboratory Training System  [2013-7-5]
                Guangdong Nansha plant natural gas regulator station control systems engineering  [2013-7-5]
                Shenzhen subway station level EMCS remote monitoring systems engineering  [2013-7-5]
                Guangxi guests Qianjiang Aluminum Co., PLC control systems engineering  [2013-7-5]
                China resources cement (nanning) co., LTD. Phase ii pure low temperature waste heat power generation control system engineering  [2013-7-5]
                DuPont application of surface material (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. production process control system engineering  [2013-7-5]
                CNOOC Wenchang 13-6 oil field development project control system technology services  [2012-2-13]
                Shenzhen SEG Samsung Co. coated glass production control systems engineering  [2013-7-5]
                Qianjiang Cigarette Factory cigarette transportation control systems engineering  [2013-7-5]
                Zhenhai Power Plant gas regulator station control systems engineering  [2013-7-5]
                Shenzhen Metro lighting control systems engineering  [2013-7-5]
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