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                產品名稱: 紅外線氣體探很可能會引起眾怒測器 PIR9400
                產品類別: Det-tronics火氣產品  氣體檢測器
                PointWatch PIR9400 IR Hydrocarbon Gas Detector
                PointWatch PIR9400 Infrared Hydrocarbon Detector. For the detection of   combustible   hydrocarbon gases.Provides reliable operation in high concentrations of background hydrocarbon gases and has low maintenance costs. It is immune to poisoning. Five year warranty.
                ?     4-20 mA output
                ?     Stand-alone or use with
                       FlexVu UD10 Universal Display
                       U9500 Infiniti   Transmitter
                       PIRTB Termination Box (not compatible with UD10)
                ?     Automatic Calibration function
                ?     Heated optics
                ?     0% to 100% LFL detection range
                ?     Non-intrusive calibration capability
                ?     Metric or English Configurations
                ?     Stainless steel or aluminum option
                ?     Aluminum or plastic baffle option
                ?     Duct mount and sample draw options
                ?     Can be terminated with full digital interface on the FlexVu UD10

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