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                產品名稱: 紅外擁有龍神之鎧和祖龍玉佩線氣體探測器(開路)OPECL
                產品類別: Det-tronics火氣產品  氣體◥檢測器

                Open Path Eclipse OPECL Infrared Gas Detection System
                The Open Path Eclipse Infrared Gas Detection System  is a stainless steel, IR beam-type hydrocarbon gas detection system. The system consists of two modules(transmitter and receiver) offering:
                ?     Module separation distance range from 5-120 meters (optical aperture kit supplied with system is required for 5-30 meters)
                ?     Dual xenon flashlamp technology for maximum performance in harsh environments
                ?     Standard 4-20 mA output, HART communications (on receiver), RS485 Modbus
                ?     Optional alarm relays (Ex d only)
                ?     Compatible with FlexVu UD10 for full display capabilities
                ?     Tri-color LEDs are provided on both modules for visual indication of operating status.
                ?     Mounting hardware and pan-tilt brackets included with both modules
                ?     Built-in locking adjusters deliver fine control of alignment angles
                ?     Telescope alignment tool available
                ?     Spare Xenon lamp module available
                ?     Eagle Quantum Premier System-compatible version available
                ?     Optional 475 field communicator unit for communication, diagnostic, and set up from point to point

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