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                產品名稱: SM87SL系列
                產品類別: MEDC報警產品  狀態燈

                Theses ranges of versatile status lights have been designed to suit various offshore and onshore applications.Available as LED, xenon, filament and fluorescent beacons.                                         

                The SM87 SL range is manufactured in marine grade alloy and the XB11 SL in corrosion-free GRP to provide a wide range of status lights to suit clients' requirements.All units can be supplied as 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 way.       

                • Zone 1 and Zone 2 use. 
                • EExd.
                • *ATEX approved, Ex II 2GD. 
                • *BASEEFA certified. 
                • *UL listed for USA and Canada
                  – Class I, Div. 1 & 2, Groups C & D.
                  – Class I, Zone 1, AExd IIB T6.
                • *CSA certified. 
                • *GOST ‘R’ & ‘K’ certified.
                • *Chinese (CQST) certified.
                • Brazilian (Inmetro) certified.
                • IP66 & 67. 
                • *Certified temperature–55°C to +70°C.
                • Marine grade alloy or GRP.
                • Close-coupled and pre-wired to customer’s requirements.    

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