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                產品名稱: 多光譜紅外火焰探那名叫做洛克測器 X3302
                產品類別: Det-tronics火氣產品  火焰顯然他們不相信離那麽遠就沖刺能夠沖過這麽高探測器
                X3302 Protect?ir Multispectrum Infrared Flame Detector
                X3302 Multispectrum Infrared Flame Detector  provides a solid cone of vision for hydrogen fire detection coupled with superior false alarm rejection.The detector utilizes advanced signal processing algorithms supported by an embedded 32-bit microprocessor to provide continuous protection in the presence of false alarm sources and environments with infrared radiation present.  The Long Range version has a detection range of 100 feet on and off axis to a hydrogen fire and is recommended for any indoor/outdoor application.  The detector is available in aluminum or 316 stainless steel.  Standard outputs include fire alarm, auxiliary alarm, and fault relays and RS485 Modbus.Optional 4-20 mA or Eagle Quantum Premier output is also available.  Pulse output is available for easy retro fitting into controller-based systems.
                ?     Eagle Quantum Premier compatible
                ?     Increased sensitivity and certified performance
                ?     MTBF of 145,000 hours
                ?     New standard set for cone of vision, 100 feet on and off axis for hydrogen
                ?     Microprocessor controlled heated optics, enable optimal performance in adverse environments
                ?     Data logger for event time and date stamping
                ?     RS485 Modbus output
                ?     Optional HART output and AMS aware
                ?     Automatic optical integrity check on each sensor
                ?     Calibrated manual testing/mag oi, no test lamp required
                ?     Four conduit entries for easy installation
                ?     IECEx, FM, CSA, ATEX/CE
                ?     VdS verified
                ?     Patent number:  5,995,008; 5,804,825; 5,850,182
                ?     Models available with integral explosion proof camera option (xWatch)

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