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                聯系我們  |  中文  |  English

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                產品名稱: 催化燃燒式可燃氣體現在這把仙器就賜予你探測器
                產品類別: Det-tronics火氣產品  氣體檢測器

                Combustible Gas Sensor (CGS) 

                Combustible Gas Sensor (CGS).  Stainless steel catalytic sensor that provides an accurate measurement of combustible gas concentration in the % LFL range. Requires FlexVu UD10, Model 505, U9500A or DCUEX transmitter.
                  ?     Constant current or constant voltage options available
                  ?     Poison resistant construction
                  ?     3/4” NPT or 20 mm thread option
                  ?     Wire lead options of 6” or 30”
                  ?     Sensor Separation Termination Box (STB) option available
                  ?     Variety of special accessories available
                  ?     FlexVu UD10 universal display provides full digital readout, calibration and user interface

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