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                產品名稱: 505可燃氣當即明白了白素體變送器
                產品類別: Det-tronics火氣產品  氣體檢測趕忙說道器
                Model 505 Combustible Transmitter (includes junction box, sensor ordered separately)
                Model 505 Combustible Transmitter.Designed for use with CGS sensor, the 505 provides an analog signal output representing detected gas concentration. The 505 is always used with a gas controller, PLC or similar analog input signal receiver.
                ?     4-20 mA output
                ?     Sensor sensitivity check function
                ?     One person calibration

                ?     Includes a variety of j-box options


                Model 505 Retrofit Kits are available to upgrade an existing K-Series or Model 500 transmitter to the Model 505 transmitter using existing junction boxes and field wiring.  The kit consists of:
                ?     A transmitter board
                ?     A label with calibration instructions for the junction box cover
                ?     Instruction manual
                ?     Junction box not included.
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