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                產品名稱: SM87 BG&PB 系列
                產品類別: MEDC報警產品  手動報警按倒是一個奇跡鈕


                These manual fire alarm, emergency shutdown breakglass and pushbutton units have been designed for the most arduous environmental conditions. The units are both easy to install and maintain. Intrinsically safe EExia and flameproof EExd versions of each model are available. A choice of either stainless steel or alloy makes the range suitable for either the offshore or onshore industries.

                • EExia IICT4 or EExd IIC T5/T6. 
                • ATEX aproved, Ex II 1G (EExia) Ex II 2GD (EExd). 
                • BASEEFA certified. 
                • UL Listed (PB only), Class I, Div 1, Groups C & D. 
                • GOST ‘R’ & ‘K’* certified. 
                • Chinese (CQST) certified. 
                • Brazilian (Inmetro) certified. 
                • CSA certified. 
                • IP66 and IP67. 
                • Certified temperature –55°C to +70°C*.
                • Stainless steel or marine grade alloy.
                • Robust yet lightweight. 
                • Easy to maintain.
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